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   The hard-working people at www.bidforproject.org is proud to announce our new website project platform. We are offering you and your company the chance to become a sponsor of our website.

Sponsorship offers you a nice and cost-effective marketing venue for your company’s products and services while providing bidforproject.org with resources to enhance and expand the effectiveness and reach of our site to the goals we set in the beginning.

 If you become a sponsor of our site, we will have the ability to make the site better, helping you and your company. If you are a sponsor of the site, you will have your name in a permanent list of all the people who helped advance this site to the goals we set, which are to get all the customers and contractors we can get and let them plan projects with one another on a completely safe and easy to use platform.

 Being a sponsor offers you the chance to have a link to your site and ads about your business, a great way to make your company more popular and used.

Five levels of annual sponsorship offer you flexibility for maximum marketing exposure on the www.bidforproject.org.

They are:

$500 per year
$400 per year
$300 per year
$200 per year
$100 per year

 - You can also customize how much you can afford to pay, to be a sponsor.

Highest amount Sponsors will be on the top of the list.

Become a sponsor today to enhance and expand both our site and, most importantly, your business!

To be a sponsor, please contact us at: office@bidforproject.org or support@bidforproject.org

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