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  www.bidforproject.org  website was created by a group of enthusiasts with one reason to start: to help customers find the right contractor with the proper skills and a good reputation in your area to get the job done right, and to help skilled contractors and freelancers around the world to find a project that they are able to do.

  The site is very easy to use and registration only takes 30 seconds. You can post your own projects or you can bid for projects other people need to get done. Bidding is quick and lets the customer know how much you expect to be paid and what services you can provide. Posting a project is easy. Describe what needs to be done and add images, plans and videos if you would like to.

  Keep in mind - our website is FREE for everyone!

Please write a detailed description of the job or project that you need to get done. You need to give as many details as possible, so that contractors in your area can give an accurate quote. The more details you give, the more accurate the quotes will be. Please find below some questions that might help you to describe better your job or project:

1) What exactly you want contractor to do for you?

2) Do you have all your numbers posted (like area, amount, etc...)

3) Did you post photos of your project.?

4) Did you post video of your project?

5) Did you post all your project blueprints?

6) Is project location readily accessible?

8) Do you have all materials ready or contractor should buy them and deliver?

9) How urgent your project is?

    If you did not get any bids for your project-you can extend your project auction time from your Control panel.

    Once you are done describing your job it will appear on our website and contractors will be able to view your project and quote on it accordingly.
   If you want to communicate with your contractor or customer, feel free to do it via our integrated negotiations desk. You can write a message to each contractor or customer you want. They can reply via the same negotiations desk. So check back regularly to see what’s happening. It may be that the contractor needs more information about your project.
      With some larger more complex jobs it may be difficult for a contractor to give an accurate quote without asking for more details.


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