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                                                                   About the Site.

Whatever job you need done, post it to www.bidforproject.org ! 

     Our free site lets you post projects that you need done, whether it being web design or construction, index remodeling, repair; from art to tutoring, translation, and social and human services.

      Bid for projects you can get done with your skills by describing what you can do to help and how much you would expect to be paid. Get live feedback and get hired by the people in your area.

      What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Everything that you can think about : appliance repair, house remodel, building renovation, any type of construction projects, all kinds of services, any job you can post here. I f you do not know how to fix your car -post a request here, and specialists will bid on your project, get it fixed and running !

Need your bike get repaired? Want to save some money on repair? Not a problem-post a request here! Specialists will bid on your project !

Car repair.Repair Specialist.

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