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Chimney Cleaning Washington State  (Federal Way, Marysville)

Some of the most common questions that property owners with fire places have are "How often should chimney cleaning be done?" and "How do I know if my flame place needs to be cleaned?"

Regular chimney cleaning is necessary in order to eliminate the creosote remains that build up within the flame place program during use of the flame place. These remains are highly combustible, and can lead to a dangerous flame place flame (an out of control 2000 degree flame losing inside of the chimney). A report released by the US Consumer Product Protection Commission stated that shoots that started in fireplaces and fire places were the cause of 27,000 residential shoots and 20 known fatalities (most current research as of Aug. 2010). At the very best, a flame place flame will cause significant damage to the flame place structure that will require lots of money to repair.

So, how often should chimney cleaning be done? Simply speaking, here in The southern part of Florida, the guidelines are every 1-2 decades for regular use. Given the generality of the term "average", the importance of having an yearly flame place examination becomes clear. The National Fireplace Protection Association (NFPA) suggests an yearly Stage I Inspection of the fireplace/chimney/heating equipment. Preferably, this examination should be done before the start of the losing season, by a qualified flame place expert. The defacto standard for this qualifications is qualifications by the Chimney Protection Institution of America (CSIA). Your CSIA qualified flame place brush will perform the Stage I Inspection, and be able to determine the overall condition of the flame place, and will let you know if chimney cleaning is required. In most cases, the chimney cleaning can be performed during the same visit.

Occasionally,  chimney cleaning will need to be done more regularly. There are some signs that you, the house owner, should be aware of. chimney cleaning may need to be done more regularly if you notice the following:

The flame place smokes cigarettes returning into the living space during use. While there are certainly other issues that can cause this issue, a flame place that otherwise functions well and starts to progressively put more and more smoke returning into the room during use may be due for chimney cleaning.

There is a "sooty" or "campfire" smell in the house, even when not using the flame place. This is usually a sign that chimney cleaning is required. Fireplace smells come from the creosote remains within the flame place program. They are usually worse in moist, during the summer season, and when it down pours. A thorough brush, designed to eliminate the creosote remains that acquire eventually, will usually correct this issue.

In summary, flame place washing is an integral part of maintenance. Finding a qualified flame place expert in your place, and having an yearly examination of your flame place will help to ensure that you and your family enjoy enough time spent around the flame place for many decades to come.

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