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 September 1st, 2012- Will D

   index projects are one of our top priorities and why we created www.bidforproject.org. We offer lots of categories under index projects that you can choose from as a customer or contractor for residential projects. Categories include landscaping, construction, design, roofing, flooring, windows, plumbing, handyman services and so many more projects that you can choose to bid on! 

   The reason we chose index projects as one of our top priorities is because everyone needs to do them at some point in time and we hope to make www.bidforproject.org a easy and free platform that many people will find useful for their index projects that they need done when they need their projects done. With so many categories to choose from, customers will not have to search for where to put their job ad and professional contractors will be comfortable choosing the projects that best fits their skills so they can get the job done quick and easy for the customer's satisfaction!








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