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August 31st, 2012- Will D. 

When we first got the idea of this site www.bidforproject.org , we wanted it to focus mainly on physical projects, like landscaping projects and construction projects and others like repair projects and renovation projects, rather than focusing on computer work and web design (but they are still options) because there are many sites that offer great service to getting those kinds of projects done.

  But there are people out there that want to earn extra money or need to get a job done that can't just be done on a computer. Our website offers lots of different categories for construcion and building projects from house design to remodeling projects and jobs that need something repaired, and it is so easy to use!

  But we don't just offer construction, we also have many categories that you can choose from and subcategories to narrow down to what you strongest skills are and how you can use them in those projects. You can finally learn what you are specifically good at. If you are good in the category of automobiles, automobile repair and cars, but you are best at engines, we have a subcategory that will get you a project to do in no time!

 Categories include construction ( commercial construction ), remodeling and index improvement projects and others to suit your needs!

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